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SmartTeam Tools contain everything your team members need to execute and manage the entire life-cycle of your project(s). Master data, topics, work processes & communication features form part of the main application for use on desktop-, laptop- and mobile devices. Additional modules for more complex work processes are also available.

Implement & Customise

The SmartTeam Toolkit is installed in a secure (cloud-based) environment and immediately made available to you and your team members. Customer / project specific functionality is quickly developed, thanks to the modular software development platform that our Toolkit is built on.

Training & Coaching

SmartTeam Tools do not require classroom training and are easy to learn for most users who are familiar with spreadsheets. Administrators and key users are trained "on the job" during a (short) implementation period. Coaching services to enable your team(s) and organisation to achieve the best results are also available.



SmartTeam delivers SMART information solutions for SMART teams and organisations.

Our software enables users to organize, register, share and analyse their data and to act both effectively and efficiently.


Data consistency, -integrity, -availability, -reliability, -scalability and security form the core of our business rules.


To continuously help improving your performance is our goal.

Patrick Zwinkels

the Hague, the Netherlands

Patrick has been involved with the realisation of exciting and challenging projects in various countries and market segments since 1992. He has had the opportunity to work for a number of different customers and in roles ranging from planner to project manager.

Harm Horstman

Maasdijk, the Netherlands

For more than 20 years, Harm has been working for various customers around the globe and helped create bespoke solutions for (project)information topics and issues.


de Lier, the Netherlands

As SmartTeam, Patrick and Harm have been able to capture all of their experience in the development of the SmartTeam Toolkit. This allows them to jointly deliver an even greater contribution to professionalising teams and improve their performance!

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